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Weight management

Helping people manage and maintain weight loss without having to give up all the foods they love

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Women's health

Enabling busy women to balance fitness and nutrition with their hectic routines

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Pre and post-natal fitness

Supporting new and expectant mums to keep healthy, fit and active in a safe and comfortable way

Welcome to Fit Around Life

My name is Lizzie and I'm here to help you focus on your fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable, fits around your hectic schedule and delivers long-lasting results.

My coaching will help you to reach your fitness goals, but I also want to help you take some much needed time for yourself. My flexible programmes are designed to work around your schedule and encourage you to take dedicated time out for you. As a mum of a toddler running my own business, I'm fully aware of how difficult it can be to find space to focus on my own fitness and wellbeing...and fitness is my life!

Throughout my late teens and twenties, my life revolved around sports and fitness. I was a competitive rower for eight years, winning national titles, before taking up running and various fitness programmes. After ten years as a teacher and starting a family, I decided to turn my passion for fitness into a career and to qualify as a personal trainer.

I'm a fully-qualified gym instructor, personal trainer and nutritional advisor, based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and offer personal training services and a range of fitness classes to face-to-face and online clients. I specialise in women's fitness and am qualified to train mums throughout pregnancy and after giving birth. I'm also a weight management specialist and take much satisfaction from seeing the great results my clients achieve!

I recognise that most people don't have hours to spend training and preparing elaborate healthy meals (which, let's face it, often don't taste great). I also don't promote quick fixes or fad diets. My coaching approach will help you to adopt sustainable lifestyle changes that incorporate long-term fitness and nutrition that are tailored to your needs and schedule. We're seeking long-term solutions, so I won't stop you from indulging every so often (although I will encourage you to make up for it).

My aim is the same as yours: to lead a balanced and sustainable healthy lifestyle that delivers the results you want...and then maintains them!

Lizzie Shingleton

Personal Trainer

How it works?

I take the same, simple approach with my face to face and online clients

Personalised workouts

Get fit with weekly bespoke exercise circuits that are tailored to your abilities, equipment and goals

Nutrition advice

Eat well with food diaries, personalised macro plans and great recipe ideas that won't get boring

Support and motivation

Stay on track with my unlimited support via text, phone, email, chats and video messaging

Achieve your goals

Get where you want to be, and stay there, with a package that's always changing so you won't get bored


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